June 19, 2024

Best Appcues Mobile Alternatives in 2024

Plotline, Pendo Mobile, Whatfix, and Netcore are the top alternatives to Appcues Mobile.

Ananya Vairavarajan

You're at the right place if you’re a mobile app (consumer tech) company trying to decide which product adoption platform to use. One such well-known software is Appcues Mobile.

Appcues Mobile is used to help mobile apps with their onboarding and adoption flows.

However, in recent years, the competition in this sector has intensified considerably, leading to the emergence of numerous alternatives to Appcues Mobile.

Appcues Mobile: A short overview

Appcues is a software platform that offers a variety of solutions to assist SaaS organizations in creating and deploying user onboarding flows, product announcements, and in-app surveys to better understand user behavior.

They recently launched “Appcues Mobile” to help mobile apps with their onboarding and adoption flow as well.

Appcues is based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Reasons some companies are looking to make a switch

  • Very basic in-app capabilities like tooltips, modals, surveys, embeds, and slideouts.
  • Product analytics are not so robust.
  • Popups appear in a delayed manner (delays of 5-10s after event-fire)
  • In-app communication lacks context - not specific to any feature.

Now that we’ve had a short glimpse of Appcues Mobile, listed below are some top alternatives and competitors of Appcues Mobile


Choose if: You are a mobile-first consumer tech company. By far, Plotline provides the best omni-channel capabilities especially if in-app is a crucial focus for you.

  1. Strength/uniqueness: Best in-app engagement modules with UI module depth (Nudges, Gamification, Widgets & Surveys) - stories, videos, spotlights, tooltips, etc to drive feature adoption, retention, and LTV for your app.
  2. Main geography of operations: US, South East Asia, MENA
  3. Pricing: The Starter plan starts at $499. You can book a call for a free trial.
  4. Compatibility: Android, IOS, React, Flutter
Plotline offerings - An alternative for Appcues Mobile

Pendo Mobile

Choose if: You are a SaaS organization that also needs the Mobile version for product analytics and adoption.

  1. Strength/uniqueness: Pendo offers more advanced mobile analytics capabilities, while Appcues relies on third-party integrations, such as Segment, for mobile app tracking.
  2. Main geography of operations: US, UK, South East Asia, MENA
  3. Pricing: Pendo offers free usage for up to 1000 monthly active users. When you're prepared to scale, you can reach out to them to inquire about pricing for their premium plans
  4. Compatibility: Pendo is not compatible with Flutter or React Native


Choose if: Mobile app-based consumer tech company or SaaS Platform. Whatfix was primarily built for employee onboarding and has now expanded its product capabilities to user onboarding.

  1. Strength/uniqueness: Smart voice guidance in multiple languages can be added to the onboarding flows.
  2. Main geography of operations: US, UK, South East Asia, MENA
  3. Pricing: Whatfix offers Standard, Premium, and Pro plans and all three provide in-app guidance and product adoption that compromises the onboarding functionality.
  4. Compatibility: Whatfix is not compatible with Flutter or React Native.


Choose if: Mobile app-based consumer tech company. They acquired Hansel to aid with user onboarding in the app. However, ever since the acquisition, a number of their customers have raised issues with customer support and software reliability.

  1. Strength/uniqueness: It specializes in omnichannel communication like push notifications, SMS, and email.
  2. Main geography of operations: EMEA and the US have most of Netcore’s customers.
  3. Pricing: It provides 3 pricing editions namely Startup, Business, and Enterprise. It’s a free offering if the MAU count is only up to 10,000.
  4. Compatibility: Netcore is compatible with Android, IOS, React, and Flutter.

How to choose the best Appcues Mobile alternative

Here is a larger comparison for choosing the best mobile app onboarding software for your business:

  • Plotline is a recommended choice if you are a mobile-first consumer tech company because of its abundant UI library (animations, videos, quizzes, tooltips, coach marks, spotlights, and more).
  • Pendo or Whatfix are suitable if you are a SaaS business first, and your mobile app is second in priority.
  • Choose UserPilot
  • Choose Netcore if you are also looking for omnichannel communication features along with an onboarding journey.

Final thoughts

By thoroughly researching and comparing the above options, you can make a well-informed choice that aligns with your product adoption in 2024 and beyond.

If you're interested in learning more about how you can engage your users inside your app to help you drive adoption, activation, retention, and monetization metrics, start your free trial with Plotline.

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