In-app surveys for contextual user insights

Product and user research teams can get user insights rapidly from users by launching micro-surveys in context

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For our Superstore team, we were able to collect targeted feedback on our organic items. Building a feedback collection system in-house would've cost us atleast 1-2 months of product design and tech bandwidth.
Jatin Bhoj
Senior Product Manager @ Meesho
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Design in-app surveys in minutes

Customize colours and backgrounds to match your design theme, and configure flexible data logics

Choose from 50+ pre-built templates including CSAT, Drop-off reasons, etc to get up and running in minutes

Activate more users with better onboarding
Activate more users with better onboarding

Target the right users at the right time in their product journeys

Powerful event-based triggering to get in-the-moment feedback, with a popup delay of less than 100ms

Catch users right before they drop-off and ask them questions in-the-moment

Get contextual and statistically significant feedback

Get over 30% response rates making in-app insights reliable across your entire user base

Understand the why behind the what, and build better product roadmaps

Activate more users with better onboarding

Go live in 15 minutes

Compatible with


React Native




Our SDK is only 150 KB in size.

Integration takes only 15 minutes of engineering effort.

Easy implementation

Easy-to-use SDKs to get you up and running in minutes

Custom design

Customise fonts and colours to match your design theme

Great docs

Comprehensive docs to help you get started

Build better products

Event-based technology to target user cohorts and ask crucial questions in the product journey to make better product decisions.

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