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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Plotline for?


Plotline is built for modern product and growth teams in consumer internet companies, i.e B2C companies in FinTech, HealthTech, Gaming, Social, Commerce and more, primarily for those operating with a mobile app.

How are you different from Braze, Iterable, CleverTap and the like?


These tools have solved for outside-app engagement (push notifications, SMS, email) really well. But their offering inside the app is limited to banners and popups. These tools also don't have the capability to trigger experiences in real-time (a delay of a minute to a couple minutes is expected from the moment an event fires).

When engaging users inside the app, you need a host of UI modules (tooltips, spotlights, animations, videos, stories, etc) that trigger in real-time (<100ms of delay). This is where Plotline comes in.

How will my user experience be affectred?


Our SDK serves 150M end users, and it hasn't even crashed once.

Can I match the design of the in-app campaigns to my app's design theme?


You can customise the design to give a fully native experience to your users. This includes fonts, colours, backgrounds, corner radius and much more.

What does the integration process look like?


We just need 20 mins with your engineering team to add a couple lines of code to integrate our SDK.

What kind of support does Plotline provide?


In case you have any troubles, our team will always be available on a Slack channel to resolve your queries at the earliest.