Measure clear ROI on your campaigns

Test to see what messages resonate most with your users to optimize campaign performance

Easily add goal events that you want to track

Just send your events to Plotline and start measuring impact created

Frontend and backend events

Both frontend and backend events can be set as goal events

Set rollout percentages

Show campaigns to only a % of eligible users

Activate more users with better onboarding
Activate more users with better onboarding

Continuously improve campaign performance by A/B testing

Figure out what messaging works best for driving user success

Set conversion window

Time frame within which successful action should be counted

A/B test

Between control and target cohorts to verify impact


Hear it from those who already use Plotline!

“Plotline helps us configure in-app messages that would otherwise be time consuming and require efforts of multiple teams. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who's looking to create a real impact on their metrics.”

Nikhil from Jupiter

Nikhil Joshi

Growth Manager

“We were able to uncover key insights into how our users think about our loan journey, helping us plan initiatives that can reduce drop-offs.”

Kavya from LazyPay uses Plotline

Kavya Gupta

Senior Product Manager

“Plotline supports us at an affordable cost and great service levels. You guys are always available on slack or on call for clarifications and your SDK is extremely high quality."

Ashwin from Loadshare uses Plotline

Ashwin Anbazhagan

Product Lead

Build impactful campaigns that move your metrics

Launch in-app messages without app releases to boost your activation and retention metrics

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