Improve feature adoption and drive cross-sells

For growth and product marketing teams to drive feature usage and conversions with in-app messages

Improve funnel metrics with Plotline

Build experiences that look native to your app

Our design customizability helps you create in-app messages that look like a part of your app

Choose from tooltips, modals, spotlights and more to improve discoverability and announce new features

Activate more users with better onboarding
Activate more users with better onboarding

Target users with real-time segmentation

Target users who've never interacted with a feature, introduce new features to power users and more

Create cohorts on Plotline with event and attribute filters or import them from Mixpanel, Amplitude, etc

Drive important goal metrics like long-term retention

Show in-app messages in phased rollouts to build confidence and then scale

Measure the impact of new feature adoption and correlate it to retention and monetization

Activate more users with better onboarding

Go live in 15 minutes

Compatible with


React Native




Our SDK is only 150 KB in size.

Integration takes only 15 minutes of engineering effort.

Easy implementation

Easy-to-use SDKs to get you up and running in minutes

Custom design

Customise fonts and colours to match your design theme

Great docs

Comprehensive docs to help you get started

Drive feature adoption and growth

Join companies like ShareChat, Meesho, Jupiter, Jar, Khatabook and others that use Plotline to run in-app engagement campaigns and boost awareness, discoverability and adoption of new features