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Niyo furthers adoption of flagship debit card by ~35% and drives referrals up ~40%

Jar uses Plotline's Spotlight to improve monetization


increase in users adopting the debit card


The product team wanted to further adoption of their flagship debit card and drive more referrals from existing users


Launch in-app videos showcasing benefits of the card; use a Spotlight to highlight the "Refer and Earn" feature


Niyo saw a ~35% jump in users adopting the debit card and a ~40% jump in users who refer friends

Niyo is an Indian Fintech company leading innovations in Travel and Finance. With over 6 million users already on board, Niyo’s aim is to make both travel and managing finance simpler, smarter and safer.

Niyo has raised over $180M till date, from recognized investors like Accel, Lightrock India, Multiples Asset Management, and more.

How Niyo uses Plotline

Over the last 3 months, the product and growth team at Niyo has launched 10+ campaigns on Plotline, with the aim of improving multiple in-app metrics across activation, retention and monetization.

Campaign 1: Improve adoption of flagship card

Niyo has a debit card built specifically for users when traveling internationally. The team wanted to boost adoption of this card.

Niyo used a full-page video to introduce their debit card.

  • Audience: Targeted to users who haven’t yet ordered the card.
  • Leading metrics: KYC completion, passport verification and account creation were all up by ~80-100%.

Users who saw the video ordered the debit card at a 35% higher rate than those who didn’t see the video.

Niyo DCB gif with Plotline


uplift in users adopting debit card


increase in users referring other users

"We tried building videos and other engagement campaigns in-house. We realized how time-consuming it is - 2 weeks to build, 2 weeks for an app release and another 2 weeks till our users update the app. On top of that, there's no control on targeting the right user segments. Using Plotline, we’ve been able to rapidly decrease this time to release and can run targeted campaigns without any engineering effort."

Aditya, Niyo
Aditya Bhatt
Product team at Niyo
Niyo referral highlight with Plotline

Campaign 2: Improve # of referrals from users who’ve not referred before

Referrals are a low CAC channel to get additional users. Additionally, your existing users would likely refer those who they think would be a good fit for your app. Even though Niyo had a referral card on the homescreen, they noticed very low CTRs.

Keeping this in mind, Niyo decided to use a “Spotlight” to highlight the “Refer and Earn” feature.

  • Trigger location: On the homepage, within 100ms of the feature card becoming visible
  • Audience: Targeted to those users who have never referred another user in the past, with a rollout of 95%.

Users who saw the spotlight referred new users up to ~40% more than users who didn’t see the spotlight.

"In a down market, low CAC channels become very valuable. We’ve been able to successfully accelerate our customer acquisition by highlighting our in-app referral widget using Plotline’s Spotlight feature. This has led to a decrease in our blended CAC."

Aditya, Niyo
Aditya Bhatt
Associate PM at Niyo

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We help you build and publish in-app messaging flows without coding, saving your developers time that can be better spent on other aspects of the product. Product and growth teams can use Plotline to create tooltips, coachmarks, bottomsheets, modals, spotlights and more that can be targeted to different user segments and shown in real-time.

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