User onboarding platform for consumer apps

Increase activation and reduce churn. Across mobile and web platforms.

Improve funnel metrics with Plotline

Build guided tours and tutorials that match your app's design

Our design customizability helps you create in-app messages that look like a part of your app.

Choose from tooltips, modals, carousels, spotlights and more to drive new users to their aha moments

Activate more users with better onboarding
Activate more users with better onboarding

Target new users with real-time segmentation

New users deserve an onboarding journey that hits all the value propositions of your app

Introduce them to core features as they progress through your app with real-time targeting

Drive activation and long-term retention

New user experience is a significant driver of long-term retention

Drive your new users to their aha moments repeatedly and boost activation rates

Activate more users with better onboarding

Go live in 15 minutes

Compatible with


React Native




Our SDK is only 150 KB in size.

Integration takes only 15 minutes of engineering effort.

Easy implementation

Easy-to-use SDKs to get you up and running in minutes

Custom design

Customise fonts and colours to match your design theme

Great docs

Comprehensive docs to help you get started

Drive activation rates with better onboarding

Build beautiful onboarding flows and guide users to aha moments - fully no-code