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Stable Money uses stories to introduce their value prop

Stable Money needs to build quick trust with its users to ensure successful conversions to deposits. It does so by introducing its value prop with Stories - simple and easy to consume.

Poker Baazi uses floating buttons to drive signups for a tournament

The GOAT tournament boasts a guaranteed prize pool of 10 Crores. To drive the number of users who take part in the tournament, Baazi used a floating button.
Poker Baazi floating button

Zomato uses a PiP video to introduce "ZPL"

To introduce both existing and new users to the launch of ZPL, Zomato used a PiP video to increase awareness and drive usage.
Zomato uses a PiP video to nudge users to use ZPL

Jar uses Spotlights to launch their new feature "GoldX"

Jar recently launched GoldX, which facilitates their users to lease gold to retail jewellers, who can then use it as part of their working capital.
Jar uses Plotline's Spotlight feature to improve adoption of GoldX

Google Pay uses tooltips to activate new users

By using tooltips on the Scan and Search feature, they drastically reduce time-to-value and increase activation rates.
Google pay tooltips for new users

Jar uses animations to draw attention to "Save more"

To get more users to save their "round-offs", Jar uses an animation to draw attention to the CTA and subtly encourage repeat transactions.
Jar uses animations to drive repeat transactions, by using Plotline.

"Plotline's incredible flexibility allows us to effortlessly create in-app campaigns that match our app's aesthetics."

Sargam Loop
Sargam Garg
Product Designer, Loop

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