We started with one goal.
Empower product decisions

Having personally experienced biases in product decisions leading to failed sprints, we want to empower product teams with the right user insights so they ship nothing but successful products.

The six core work values that drive everything we do

Why so serious?

Care, Contribution

Genuinely care for others. Passionate about contributing meaningfully to the world rather than accumulation of wealth, power and virtue for self.

Honesty, Integrity

Always honest and truthful. Do not cut corners ethically. Earn trust and maintain it. Do what is right, not just what is politically expedient.

Passion to Build

Build an amazing ‘built to last' technology company, brick by brick, overcoming all challenges on the way, over the next many years.


High performance from oneself and the team. Realize that there is a lot to learn and work relentlessly on one’s competencies.

Aware, Healthy

Actively work on being physically and mentally in good shape. Have the awareness to look at any situation calmly and do the necessary action.

Have fun

Have fun on this journey and energise others that are with us.

Why work with us?

People > Products > Profits

Competitive Salary - Saaslify X Webflow Template

Competitive Benefits

Remote Work - Saaslify X Webflow Template

100% remote

Vacations - Saaslify X Webflow Template

Unlimited Leaves

Flexible Hours - Saaslify X Webflow Template

Flexible hours

Health - Saaslify X Webflow Template

Medical insurance

Carreer Growth - Saaslify X Webflow Template

Career growth

Current Openings

Can´t find the perfect position?

Send us an email at careers@plotline.so. We might just find you a role that is suitable for you :D