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We help product and growth teams improve onboarding, feature adoption and retention with in-app experiences. Without developer effort.

In-app messages with Plotline

Drive growth with a variety of in-app experiences

Choose from videos, spotlights, tooltips, animations and more to engage users as they use your app

UI Modules
Stable money uses Stories for in-app engagement

Stable Money uses stories to introduce their value prop

Stable Money, like most financial apps, needs to build quick trust with its users to ensure successful conversions to deposits. It does so by introducing its value prop with Stories - which are simple and easy to consume.

Zomato uses a PiP video to nudge users to use ZPL

Zomato uses a PiP video to introduce "ZPL"

To introduce both existing and new users to the launch of ZPL, Zomato used a PiP video to increase awareness and drive usage.

Jar uses Plotline's Spotlight feature to improve adoption of GoldX

Jar uses Spotlights to launch their new feature "GoldX"

Jar recently launched GoldX, which facilitates their users to lease gold to retail jewellers, who can then use it as part of their working capital. After the fixed duration, jewellers will return the leased metal along with additional earnings.

Google pay tooltips for new users

Google Pay uses tooltips to activate new users

Google Pay brings attention to the 2 most important features that help new users see the value in the app. By using tooltips on the Scan and Search feature, they drastically reduce time-to-value and increase activation rates.

Jar uses blinker to draw attention

Jar uses blinkers to draw attention to "Save more"

To get more users to save their "round-offs", Jar uses an animation to draw attention to the CTA and subtly encourage repeat transactions.

Netflix coachmarks to introduce downloads

Netflix uses coachmarks to introduce "Downloads"

To introduce both existing and new users to feature releases, mobile apps like Netflix use Coachmarks to highlight and provide education on the new feature.

MakeMyTrip uses bottom sheets to showcase holiday packages

MakeMyTrip uses bottom sheets to showcase offers

Nudge users to make that purchase or booking with limited-time offers on bottom sheets.

With every brand doing push notifications, emails, SMS, we turned to in-app engagement to drive the next level of growth. Using Plotline, we’ve seen very high impact on our target metrics.
Damini from Khatabook on Plotline
Damini Mishra
Lead Product Manager @ Khatabook
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Build in-app messages that match your design theme

Get started in minutes, but you always have the flexibility for deep customization

Intuitive UI builder

Drag and drop elements to build beautiful UI

Unmatched design flexibility

Customize fonts, backgrounds and more

Activate more users with better onboarding
Activate more users with better onboarding

Target users with real-time segmentation

Only show relevant experiences based on who your users are and what actions they've taken inside your app

Properties, events, cohorts and more

Target on events and attributes in real-time

Import cohorts from your favourite tools

Import from Amplitude, Mixpanel, CleverTap and more

Measure impact and ROI of your campaigns

Iterate at lightning speed to build winning experiences

A/B testing

Measure impact between control and target cohorts

Build an experimentation engine

Iterate till you find the right in-app message that drives user success

Activate more users with better onboarding
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‚ÄúWe‚Äôve seen 10X ROI on our investment in Plotline. Our new feature, GoldX, saw almost 80% higher adoption among users that saw the Spotlight. We're now actively running 10+ flows to improve multiple in-app funnels.‚ÄĚ

Ashwin from Loadshare uses Plotline

Utkarsh Garg

Head of Growth

"We realized how time-consuming it is to build this in-house - 2 weeks to build, 2 weeks for an app release and another 2 weeks till our users update the app. Using Plotline, we’ve been able to rapidly decrease this time to release."

Nikhil from Jupiter

Kushal Jain

Senior Product Manager

‚ÄúWe were able to uncover key insights into how our users think about our loan journey, helping us plan initiatives that can reduce drop-offs.‚ÄĚ

Kavya from LazyPay uses Plotline

Kavya Gupta

Senior Product Manager

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Tooltip with image to drive feature adoption
Feature adoption

Launch features and communicate their benefits with in-app messages

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Guided tours for activation
Activation and onboarding

Guide new users to their aha moment quickly and increase activation rates

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Insights and feedback with in-app surveys
Surveys and Feedback

Understand why users drop-off and improve your product roadmap

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