Drive higher revenues with in-app conversion campaigns

Growth and marketing teams can choose from a variety of elements like widget grids, floating buttons and countdowns to convert more users to paying customers
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Trusted by fast-growing mobile app companies

Highlight core monetization features

Choose from tooltips, spotlights, scratch cards and more to bring attention to monetization journeys
Target users cohorts who've just dropped off from a flow
Build awareness and convert users to paying customers
Contextually nudge users to increase LTV
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Jar uses animations to drive repeat transactions, by using Plotline.
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Jar drives 30% higher recurrent transactions with animations

Learn how Jar uses in-app messages to drive higher recurrent transactions and feature adoption across their user base
higher recurrent transactions
uplift in adoption of GoldX

Go live in 15 minutes

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React Native




Our SDK is only 150 KB in size.

Integration takes only 15 minutes of engineering effort.

Drive in-app growth with Plotline

Join companies like ShareChat, Meesho, Jar, Khatabook, and others that use Plotline to drive activation, adoption and conversions in their mobile apps - without relying on engineering