April 24, 2024

7 Examples of In-App Messaging to Improve Feature Adoption for Mobile Apps

How well-known mobile apps use in-app messaging to drive feature adoption.

Aditya Bhattacharyya

As push notifications and emails are struggling with declining CTRs, in-app messaging has emerged as a way to drive feature adoption, make new announcements and educate users about new features - inside the app itself.

7 examples of apps using in-app messaging to drive feature adoption

Myntra uses an expandable floater to drive adoption of MyFashionGPT

Myntra recently launched MyFashionGPT. Users can now explore curated looks by typing in relevant keywords like “airport looks".It is designed to drive engagement, improve product discovery and cross-sell products.

Myntra uses an “expandable floater” to drive discovery and adoption of this feature.

Myntra floater

MobiKwik introduces Xtra with a PiP video

MobiKwik has launched Xtra, a super flexible investment feature designed to cater to the needs of young investors.

To highlight this new offering, the MobiKwik app showcases an engaging Picture-in-Picture (PiP) video in the background, encouraging users to explore and start investing with the Xtra feature.

The PiP video remains non-intrusive, allowing users to interact with the app while the video continues to play.

Mobikwik Xtra PiP

Niyo furthers adoption of flagship debit card with a full-page video

Niyo has a debit card built specifically for users when traveling internationally. The team wanted to boost adoption of this card.

Niyo used a full-page video to introduce their debit card.

Niyo full page video

Upstox uses a fixed top banner to drive users to "Upstox for investors"

Upstox is an online trading platform for users in the Indian stock market.

To cater to the distinct needs of investors and traders, they have 2 separate modes called "Upstox for Investors" and "Upstox for Traders". In short "Upstox for Investors" is used to invest in Stocks, Mutual Funds, IPOs and more while the latter is for trading in Equities, Futures, Options, Commodities, and Currencies.

To promote the "Upstox for Investors", a static top banner is displayed for current users in "Upstox for Traders," encouraging them to explore and try out the "Upstox for Investors" mode and its offerings.

Jar uses Spotlight to monetize GoldX

GoldX facilitates Jar users to lease gold to retail jewellers, who can then use it as part of their working capital.

Jar used Spotlight to introduce this feature.

Jar Spotlight

Niyo improves # of referrals from users who’ve not referred before

Referrals are a low CAC channel to get additional users. Additionally, your existing users would likely refer those who they think would be a good fit for your app. Even though Niyo had a referral card on the homescreen, they noticed very low CTRs.

Keeping this in mind, Niyo decided to use a “Spotlight” to highlight the “Refer and Earn” feature.

Niyo referrals

PokerBaazi improves top-of-funnel and adoption of the GOAT tournament

The GOAT tournament boasted a guaranteed prize pool of 10 Crores. The team wanted to improve the number of users who take part in the tournament.

For this, they launched a floating action button highlighting the “10 Cr Prize Pool” benefit.

PokerBaazi floater

Plotline helps product and growth teams in mobile app companies improve feature adoption using in-app messaging

You can create in-app experiences like the examples shown above to drive adoption of new features, make feature announcements or educate your users about new offerings. All without having to rely on engineering.

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