April 24, 2024

Best Examples of Mobile App Bottom Sheets

In this comprehensive blog post, we delve into mobile app bottom sheets and how some of the mobile apps configure them.

Ananya Vairavarajan

In-app nudges are UI elements that engage users as they use your app. One common in-app nudge often used in mobile apps is the bottom sheet.

What are mobile app bottom sheets?

Bottom sheets are surfaces containing supplementary content that are anchored to the bottom of the screen. They are commonly used when an app wants the users to complete a critical action, or when it wants to redirect users to another section.

Examples of mobile app bottom sheets

Headway - Motivate users to reach their daily goal

When a Headway app user has an unfinished daily goal, the app uses a bottom sheet to encourage them to maintain their commitment to personal growth and self-improvement.

Headway - Motivate users to reach their daily goal

Slack - Update on the redesigned UI

A bottom sheet is triggered when the user launches the app for the first time after a recent upgrade, serving as a pivotal tool for communicating and informing users about the noteworthy redesign in the app's user interface.

Slack - Update on the redesigned UI

MakeMyTrip - Showcase discounts and offers

MakeMyTrip has configured a bottom sheet to nudge users to make a purchase or booking, by showing them limited-time offers.

MakeMyTrip - Showcase discounts and offers

Dunzo - Increase average order value

Dunzo has configured a bottom sheet with a clear value proposition for the user: "Get additional discounts when you buy more".

Given two of the most important metrics in e-commerce are average order value and frequency of orders, this clearly lays out the right incentive for users, aligned with Dunzo's goals.

Dunzo - Increase the average order value

Khatabook - Festive offers to boost sales

Khatabook is India's leading business management app for MSMEs. For driving the purchase of coins, they configured a bottom sheet matching their design.

As soon as users clicked on the “coins” button, a bottom sheet would be displayed to the user with a single CTA to get rewarded with free coins on completing a coin recharge.

Khatabook - Festive offers to boost sales

Challenges faced while creating bottom sheets in mobile apps

Developers need to build the core mobile app. They don't really have the time to keep adding and changing bottomsheets (text, designs, targeting, etc).

On top of that, every new experiment with a bottom sheet takes 2 weeks to build, another 2 weeks to make the app release, and another month or so to analyze results meticulously to understand whether the bottom sheet achieved the desired result.

Plotline enables creation of bottom sheets and other in-app nudges, fully no-code

Plotline helps product and marketing teams in high-growth consumer companies create and deploy bottom sheets that match your design theme. It also provides powerful event-based targeting and user segmentation to help the right user take the right action at the right time.

Apart from bottom sheets, Plotline enables you to design tooltips, coach marks, spotlights, stories, PiP videos, and many different in-app nudges that catch users' attention and lead them to take desired actions.

In case you want to deploy bottom sheets or other nudges in your mobile app, start your free trial with us.

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