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BharatPe sees uplift in adoption of festive offers by 7%

Jar uses Plotline's Spotlight to improve monetization


uplift in revenue from the festive offer


BharatPe wanted to drive revenue from their festive sales with in-app campaigns


The growth team at BharatPe has launched 20+ flows in a bid to increase moentization


The team saw a ~7% uplift in adoption of the offer and revenue.

BharatPe is an Indian fintech company that sells digital payment and financial services to small merchants and Grocery stores. 

It boasts around 10M app users with over 7M merchants relying on BharatPe for their payment solutions.

How BharatPe uses Plotline

Over the last 3 months, the product team at BharatPe has launched 25+ campaigns on Plotline - to improve metrics ranging from monetization, adoption, and retention.

Campaign 1: Increase revenue by running festive offers to boost sales

The team wanted to improve the number of users who adopted festive offers during Republic Day. 

They launched a Modal highlighting the exclusive offer with a countdown to create a sense of urgency.

  • Trigger location: On the homepage, within 100ms of users opening the app.
  • Audience: Targeted to users who open the app during the festive season.

The campaign was rolled out to 95% of the eligible audience, garnering 65K unique impressions and saw an uplift of ~7% in users adopting the offer.


Increase in revenue with the festive offers


uplift in TOFU users purchasing QR machines

"Our experience with Plotline has been nothing short of exceptional. The time to launch campaigns in our apps was significantly reduced, allowing us to implement changes swiftly and efficiently without code. This has also saved lot of engineering cost. Our CTRs soared with the personalized in-app approach, driving higher user engagement and surpassing results from outside app comms."

Tushar Rastogi from BharatPe uses Plotline
Tushar Rastogi
General Manager Growth at BharatPe
BharatPe wanted to improve the adoption of the special “WorldCup QR” feature with the help of Plotline's spotlight

Campaign 2: Improve TOFU for users purchasing "engagement programs" with the app

The team wanted to improve the adoption of the special “WorldCup QR” feature during the World Cup season.

The team introduced an incentive: merchants who adopt the feature would receive a free World Cup ticket.

This was promoted through a Spotlight highlighting the feature upon opening the app to enhance engagement.

The campaign resulted in ~10% of the users adopting the feature, eventually leading to a purchase.

Plotline helps product and growth teams boost activation and retention metrics

We help you build and publish in-app messaging flows without coding, saving your developers time that can be better spent on other aspects of the product. Product and growth teams can use Plotline to create tooltips, coachmarks, bottomsheets, modals, spotlights and more that can be targeted to different user segments and shown in real-time.

The best consumer tech companies today like ShareChat, BharatPe, Meesho, Khatabook, Jar, Scripbox and LazyPay all use Plotline to improve activation, retention and in-app conversion metrics.

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