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Jar improves monetization by 80% and repeat transactions by 30%

Jar uses Plotline's Spotlight to improve monetization


increase in users completing the gold lease action


Jar wanted to improve monetization per user by improving adoption of newly launched “GoldX” feature


The growth team at Jar has launched 20+ flows, introducing new features to its users and driving higher monetization


Users who saw the spotlight completed the Gold Lease action at a 80% higher rate

Jar is a daily gold savings app that lets you save money by automatically investing spare change from your online transactions in digital gold. Jar is the first Indian app to help build daily saving habits for Indian consumers. It’s one of the fastest fintech products to reach 10M downloads in India. Jar has raised $100M from marquee investors like Tiger Global. All this within 18 months of starting up. 

In 2023, Jar, like almost every other consumer app is under pressure to drive higher revenues - not just users. This boils down to understanding how to improve monetization from existing users. In a bid to improve monetization, the team launched “GoldX”. GoldX plays a critical role for Jar because it increases revenue per user. 

“Plotline’s team was extremely supportive and helped us throughout the integration and initial phase of using the product. They were responsive on Slack and resolved all our queries promptly.”

Ashu Tyagi Jar Mobile Lead
Ashu Tyagi
Mobile Lead, Jar

How Jar uses Plotline

Over the last 3 months, the growth team at Jar has launched 20+ flows using Plotline, with the aim of introducing new features to its users, getting them more engaged with the app, and driving long-term retention.

Campaign 1: Driving monetization of GoldX

GoldX facilitates Jar users to lease gold to retail jewellers, who can then use it as part of their working capital.

Jar used Spotlight to introduce this feature:

  • Trigger location: Homepage, Introducing GoldX banner
  • Audience: Users who've never clicked on Gold Lease before and users above a certain app version

Comparing between control and target cohorts, Jar saw that users who saw the spotlight completed the gold lease action at a 80% higher rate.

Jar uses Plotline's Spotlight feature to improve adoption of GoldX


increase in users completing the gold lease action


uplift in users completing their transactions

"Our new feature, GoldX, saw almost 80% higher adoption among users that saw Plotline’s Spotlight versus those who didn’t see the Spotlight.  It is significantly more cost-effective to buy a tool like Plotline rather than building it ourselves. We're now actively running 10+ flows on Plotline to improve multiple in-app funnels."

Utkarsh Garg Jar
Utkarsh Garg
Head of Growth, Jar
Jar uses animations to drive repeat transactions, by using Plotline.

Campaign 2: Increasing repeat transactions by using subtle animations

Sometimes your users become familiar with sections of your app and glance over them without taking the next step.

In Jar's case, the app can increase a user's investment on their app if the user decides to "Save round-offs". This also increases long-term retention. However, most users would skip this section.

The team ran an animation on the "save now" button. Jar saw a ~30% uplift in users completing the save action if they saw the animation.

When using 3rd party solutions, we were concerned about the flexibility we’d have on matching our design theme. We were pleasantly surprised to find out about the depth of customization Plotline offers on the design front. All the in-app messages sent via Plotline look 100% native to our own app.”

Vikas Johiya, Head of Design at Jar
Vikas Johiya
Head of Design, Jar

Plotline helps growth and marketing teams boost activation and retention metrics

We help you build and publish in-app messaging flows sans coding, saving your developers time that can be better spent on other aspects of the product. Growth and marketing teams can use Plotline to create tooltips, coachmarks, bottomsheets, modals, spotlights and more that can be targeted to different user segments and shown in real-time.

The best consumer tech companies today like ShareChat, Jupiter, Meesho, Khatabook, Jar and LazyPay all use Plotline to improve activation, retention and in-app conversion metrics.

Drive in-app growth with Plotline

Join companies like ShareChat, Meesho, Jar, Khatabook, and others that use Plotline to drive activation, adoption and conversions in their mobile apps - without relying on engineering