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Kredivo boosts TOFU traffic & engagement by over 30% with floaters and scratch cards

Jar uses Plotline's Spotlight to improve monetization


uplift in TOFU and engagement metrics


Kredivo faced challenges in driving TOFU traffic on key pages


Deploy floater and scratch card campaigns


30% uplift in TOFU and engagement metrics for users who interacted with the campaigns

Kredivo, recognized as Indonesia’s leading Buy-Now-Pay-Later platform, gives customers instant credit financing for ecommerce and offline purchases, and personal loans, based on real-time decisioning; essentially representing the country’s first all-digital credit card-like product via the Kredivo app.

How Kredivo uses Plotline

Over the last 6 months, the growth and marketing teams at Kredivo have launched nearly 200+ campaigns on Plotline - to improve customers’ awareness of product features in the app.

"Plotline has changed our approach to engagement. It has allowed us to guide users through our product features based on users’ historical behavior in the app, allowing us to customize our communication to users in a more relevant and timely manner."

Natanael from Finaccel uses Plotline
Natanael Evan Tjandra
Senior Marketing and CRM Analyst, Finaccel

Campaign 1: Improve # of users who are landing on biller page

The team noticed that some users need to be made aware of the variety of biller services such as top up phone credits, data, and electricity features that are available in the Kredivo app.

To tackle this problem, they launched a floater with a short-term offer to create a sense of urgency.

  • Targeted to users who have not landed on biller page in the last few months, with a 90% rollout.
  • When a person lands on the Dashboard page, the floater is triggered within a time lag of 100ms.

After the launch of the floater, we saw a 30% increase in the number of users landing on biller page during the campaign.

Kredivo boosts adoption of deals and offers by 37% with Plotline’s floater campaigns


uplift in adoption of deals and offers


increase in engagement with the scratch card

"Opting for a tool like Plotline has proven to be a highly cost-effective choice compared to running experiments in-house. This has not only saved us time and resources but also allowed us to be more agile in running multiple experiments and campaigns inside the app."

Alethia from Kredivo uses Plotline
Alethia Tan
VP, Head of Growth, Finaccel
Kredivo uses scratch cards provided by Plotline

Campaign 2: Improve engagement of most loyal users via gamification

The Kredivo team also wanted to reward the most loyal users in a gamified manner.

They designed a campaign with different nudge types from scratch card, spotlight, and spin the wheel which saw an increase in ~40% of users landing on the Kredivo’s loyalty program page, Kredi Klab. 

"Plotline's versatile in-app UI elements have allowed us to maximize uptake of our offers. These UI elements allowed us to guide users towards available deals in a non-intrusive manner proactively. By showcasing deals in real-time, we significantly increased engagement and adoption rates."

Dimad from Kredivo uses Plotline
Dimas Thalib
Product Manager, Finnaccel

Plotline helps marketing and product teams boost onboarding and adoption metrics

We help you build and publish dynamic app experiences without coding, saving your developers time that can be better spent on other aspects of the product. Marketing and product teams use Plotline to launch stories, walkthroughs, animations, videos and more that can be targeted in-the-moment to specific user cohorts.

The best consumer tech companies today like Step, Upstox, Dream 11, BharatPe, Khatabook and many more use Plotline to improve onboarding and product adoption.

Run dynamic app experiences with Plotline

Join companies like Step, Upstox, Dream 11, Meesho, Stashaway and others that use Plotline to boost their onboarding and adoption metrics.