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LazyPay reduces drop-offs in the loan journey with Plotline

LazyPay uses Plotline to reduce dropoffs in the loan journey


Reduce drop-offs in their instant loan journeys


Trigger in-app surveys when a user clicks on the “back button" in the loan journey


Over 30% response rates helping LazyPay plan initiatives to reduce drop-offs

LazyPay is a new-age digital credit provider. It provides a simple and fast way to get credit in a single tap. LazyPay's One tap digital checkout process is available at over 45000+ merchants in India, including Swiggy, Vodafone, TataSky and more. LazyPay has over 5M downloads on the Play Store and App Store.

LazyPay faced drop-offs in their instant loan journey. They couldn’t attribute precisely why users weren’t progressing further on certain steps in the funnel and completing the loan application. Before Plotline, the product managers at LazyPay would call a set of users, but they would face low show-up rates. Email surveys sent out to targeted users only got <5% response rate.

Getting started with Plotline

The SDK integration took less than 1 day of developer time.

The team whipped up 6 surveys, each covering a drop-off point in the loan journey. If any user pressed the “back button”, Plotline would pop up an in-app survey to understand why the user is not continuing basis hypothesis from LazyPay's product and research team.

LazyPay received over a thousand responses, with half of the studies clocking >30% response rate.

“We were able to uncover key insights into how our users think about our loan journey, helping us plan initiatives that can reduce drop-offs.”

Kavya Gupta
Senior Product Manger, LazyPay
LazyPay reduces dropoffs in the loan journey with Plotline

Plotline's in-app surveys help product and growth teams uncover insights from their users in-the-moment

Product teams need to move fast, but collecting user insights can often be a slow and painful process. Traditional methods of collecting feedback fall short. Email and whatsapp surveys have low response rates, and user calling suffers from low connect rates.

In-app surveys help you build a culture of rolling research in your product organization. Get statistically significant insights that help you improve your product roadmap.

The best consumer tech companies today like ShareChat, Meesho, Khatabook and LazyPay all use Plotline to uncover key product insights and improve their roadmap.

Improve funnel metrics with Plotline

Join companies like ShareChat, Meesho, Jupiter, Jar, Khatabook and others that use Plotline to run in-app engagement and boost their activation, feature adoption, and retention metrics.