April 24, 2024

First Time User Experience in Mobile Apps

Discover how a well-designed First Time User Experience (FTUE) can boost user satisfaction and retention in mobile apps.

Ananya Vairavarajan

First impressions are crucial, especially in the fast-paced world of mobile apps. A user's initial interaction with an app can make or break their overall experience and determine their long-term engagement.

This is where the First Time User Experience (FTUE) comes into play, serving as a critical factor in user satisfaction and app success.

What is this First Time User Experience (FTUE)?

First Time User Experience refers to the initial series of interactions a new user has with a mobile app.

From the moment they download and open the app, through the onboarding process, to the first actions they take within the app, FTUE is designed to guide, educate, and engage users.

The goal is to make this initial experience as smooth and informative as possible, setting the stage for user retention and long-term engagement.

What does FTUE include?

Imagine walking into a party for the first time. That's like your app's FTUE. It's all about making a great impression and making people comfortable and excited.

FTUE focuses on three key things:

  1. The Grand Entrance: Is your app visually appealing and inviting? Does it spark curiosity and make people want to explore? You only have milliseconds to make a good first impression, so make it count!
  2. Finding Your Way Around: Is your app easy to navigate? Can people understand what features do and how to use them? Clear instructions and intuitive design are key to a smooth experience.
  3. Joining the Fun: Does your app guide users towards the "aha!" moment where they see the value? Are onboarding steps clear and concise? Self-service options and short, engaging tours can keep users motivated.

The goal?  To make using your app feel like a luxurious yacht cruise – smooth sailing, intuitive, and enjoyable from start to finish.

Why First Time User Experience is essential?

Higher activation & conversion rates

A well-crafted FTUE can significantly increase activation rates by efficiently guiding users through essential functions and features of the app.

This streamlined introduction enhances user understanding and ability to navigate the app, leading to higher conversion rates as users quickly find value and utility in the app’s offerings.

Better word-of-mouth

Positive first impressions can turn new users into advocates for the app.

When users find the FTUE engaging and helpful, they are more likely to share their experiences with friends and family.

This word-of-mouth marketing is invaluable as it is driven by genuine user satisfaction and trust.

Higher retention rates

An effective FTUE helps in retaining users by reducing initial confusion and frustration.

If users feel empowered and satisfied from the start, they are more likely to continue using the app.

Retention rates soar when users are not only taught how to use the app but are also shown its value early in their journey.

Best practices to improve your FTUE with examples

EazyDiner uses carousel screens for onboarding

The carousel screen works to reinforce EazyDiner's core value proposition immediately after a user downloads the app, setting and maintaining their expectations while motivating them to further explore the app's offerings.

Onboarding carousels can be a great first impression for EazyDiner, but keep it concise to avoid overwhelming new users. Focus on clarity and engagement to effectively showcase the app's value.

EazyDiner uses carousel screens for onboarding

Exploring before signing up in Masterclass

Masterclass allows new users to freely explore available courses without signing up, offering them the freedom to discover the platform's full potential.

The entire onboarding process is brief yet informative, providing users with essential details while also granting them the liberty to explore on their terms.

This whole thing reduces friction and builds user confidence, leading to a more positive first impression.

Exploring before signing up in Masterclass

Binance employs a guided tour to educate new users

Binance uses a guided tour to educate new users and help them on their way to making their first trade. This leads to a rise in activation rates and over time improves retention and LTV.

Overall, a well-designed guided tour can significantly improve the first-time user experience for Binance by making the platform easier to learn, use, and navigate.

Binance employs a guided tour to educate new users

Build your own insane onboarding experience for a great first-user experience with Plotline

At Plotline, we understand the pivotal role of FTUE in the success of mobile apps. Our UI modules like in-app stories, widgets, coachmarks, tooltips, spotlights, etc are designed to make the first-time user experience as engaging and intuitive as possible.

By using Plotline, companies can create dynamic, user-friendly interfaces that cater specifically to new users, ensuring a memorable first interaction with your app.

To see how Plotline can transform the first-time user experience for your mobile app and drive better engagement and retention, we invite you to explore our free trial.

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