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Scripbox's journey from 1 to 4+ monthly experiments with Plotline!

Jar uses Plotline's Spotlight to improve monetization

10 mins

to take an experiment live


Scripbox faced long development timelines which hindered the pace of testing new product offerings


Used Plotline to quickly launch and test new offerings with their user base


Reduced development and release timelines to 10 mins

Scripbox is India's leading digital wealth manager, managing over 15000 Crores in AUM, with customers across 2500+ cities in India.

Founded in 2012, Scripbox understands the needs of customers with respect to the life stage and risk appetite and provides personalised investment solutions to help them meet their financial goals.

How Scripbox uses Plotline

Over the past 3 months, Scripbox's dynamic product and growth team executed a series of 10+ Plotline campaigns, reshaping in-app experiences seamlessly with minimal developer involvement.

Experiment 1: Turbocharging launch of a new product

The product team wanted to test the waters with a new offering - Financial Plan. Typically, an experimentation cycle included planning, development, testing and release which would take anywhere between 2-4 weeks. 

Hence, the team leveraged Plotline for a rapid 10-minute launch of a "financial plan" card. This agile approach allowed them to swiftly test user appeal of the new offering.

Scripbox widgets

10 mins

to take an experiment live


surge in product discovery

"We've tried building in-app campaigns in-house. We realized that significant time was required to build and release multiple experiments. Using Plotline, we’ve been able to rapidly decrease time to go-live, enabling us to execute multiple experiments inside our app."

Mohankumar from Scripbox uses Plotline
Mohankumar Swaminathan
Associate Vice President at Scripbox
Scripbox guided walkthrough | Plotline

Campaign 2: Elevating Product Discovery for a Redesigned Feature

Scripbox's overhaul of the reporting feature, offering detailed insights into mutual fund performance, was complemented by a Plotline-guided walkthrough.

This targeted users invested in mutual funds, resulting in a remarkable 50% surge in product discovery and heightened engagement.

Plotline helps growth and marketing teams boost activation and retention metrics

We help you build and publish in-app messaging flows sans coding, saving your developers time that can be better spent on other aspects of the product. Growth and marketing teams can use Plotline to create tooltips, coachmarks, bottomsheets, modals, spotlights and more that can be targeted to different user segments and shown in real-time.

The best consumer tech companies today like ShareChat, BharatPe, Meesho, Khatabook, Jar and LazyPay all use Plotline to improve activation, retention and in-app conversion metrics.

Run dynamic app experiences with Plotline

Join companies like Step, Upstox, Dream 11, Meesho, Stashaway and others that use Plotline to boost their onboarding and adoption metrics.