April 24, 2024

Gamification in Fintech Apps: Top 5 Examples

Gamification is critical to drive user engagement. Take inspiration from the best gamification features from the fast-growing fintech apps.

Ananya Vairavarajan

Gamification has come up as a new way to drive engagement and retention in fintech apps.

For users, this can mean achieving goals, monitoring progress, or completing tasks to unlock rewards such as bonuses, cash incentives, and gifts.

Why use gamification in fintech apps?

  • Simplifies complex topics: Gamified content like games and short videos make complex financial concepts easy to understand
  • Builds community: In some cases, the right gamification mechanisms can foster a sense of community among users. For instance, leaderboards build an environment of healthy competition amongst peers
  • Boosts engagement: Gamification builds repeat behaviours with a action-reward mechanism, encouraging users to come back to the app regularly

Cred - Spin the wheel

CRED, a fintech company in India, utilizes gamification to create an engaging approach for users.

The prominent element in the Cred app is spin the wheel, a daily engagement strategy that allows 10 chances for users to try their luck and win rewards like bitcoins, gift vouchers, and more. Other gamification elements found in the app include Cred coins and Cred games.

Why spin the wheel: It displays potential rewards, generating desire and anticipation while transparent odds make it attention-grabbing and engaging.

Cred: Revolutionizing finance through gamification

Revolut - Leaderboard

Revolut is a global financial super app that uses a points leaderboard. It offers a rewards system where you earn points for making transfers and payments. These points contribute to a leaderboard that tracks your progress in comparison to both top users and your friends.

These accumulated points can then be used to participate in a weekly prize draw, giving you a chance to win cash prizes ranging from £1 to £10,000 as part of Revolut's Raffle contest.

Why leaderboard: Leveraging leaderboards taps into human competitiveness and rewards. They amplify the impact of rewards, driving participation and activity in the app.

Revolut - Leaderboard

Intuit Mint - Progress bar

Intuit Mint visualizes spend tracking with a progress bar. It helps users stay motivated to achieve their financial goals by managing their daily spendings.

Why progress bar: Utilizing progress bars taps into users' desire for progression, driving ongoing engagement and a sense of accomplishment in the app.

Intuit Mint - Progress bar

Fortune City - Badge

This budget-tracking app is designed as a simulation game, allowing you to construct and oversee a virtual town. It incorporates a ranking system for friendly competition, and awards various badges based on your achievements.

For example, compared to your friends, if you have saved a lot for a specific purpose, then you'll be awarded with 'Master of Saving'.

Why badge: Badges instigate a feeling of achievement, prompting the release of dopamine, a pleasure-associated neurotransmitter, which reinforces the users to take positive actions inside the app.

Fortune City - Badge

CoinDCX - Streak

CoinDCX is an Indian crypto investment app that uses streaks to show users at which level of the trading journey have they reached and unlocked. With streaks, it motivates users to unlock subsequent levels with added privileges.

Why streak: Users build streaks by using the app consistently, but missing a day resets their streak. This encourages users to keep using the app, even if briefly, even during busy or vacation days.

CoinDCX - Streaks

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