April 24, 2024

Gamification in EdTech Apps: Top 4 Examples

Gamification is critical to drive user engagement. Take inspiration from the best gamification features from the fast-growing edtech apps.

Ananya Vairavarajan

In recent years, gamification has emerged as a transformative strategy within educational technology (EdTech) apps. This innovative approach has redefined the learning experience, making it more engaging and motivating for students of all ages.

For users, this translates into an interactive educational journey filled with exciting challenges and intuitive progress tracking that allows them to see their knowledge and skills grow.

Why use gamification in edtech apps?

  • Simplifies learning: Gamified content in EdTech simplifies complex subjects by turning them into enjoyable games and interactive lessons.
  • Boosts engagement: Through action-reward systems, gamification keeps students engaged, encouraging regular app use and motivating their learning journey.
  • Builds community: Gamification promotes a sense of community among students. Leaderboards and group challenges foster healthy competition and collaboration, enhancing the learning experience.


Duolingo is a widely recognized case of successful gamification. Given that language acquisition is a gradual process that necessitates continuous practice and repetition, Duolingo inspires its users to use the app daily.

The gamification infused in the product incentivizes users to continue learning by implementing various elements like streaks, leaderboards, different levels, badges, and many more.

Duolingo: The OG in infusing gamification


By integrating gamification elements like streaks, badges, leaderboards, and stats, the Unacademy app boosts user engagement, fosters healthy competition, and encourages goal achievement.

Learners can track their progress, build a sense of community, and form lasting study habits, making the app an indispensable and motivating tool for their educational journey.


Memrise is a language platform, that uses spaced repetition flashcards and a GPT-3 powered "AI Language Partner" to boost language learning and bridge the "confidence gap" in language acquisition.

The Memrise app's daily goal feature, where users select their word count targets, and its points and rank system add a layer of motivation and engagement.

Users return regularly to meet their goals, track their progress, and compete with others, enhancing language learning retention and fostering a sense of community among learners.


Mondly is a language learning platform. It’s incorporation of daily, weekly, and monthly challenges, along with progress bars for lessons, greatly enhances user engagement and motivation.

These features provide a structured learning path, encouraging goal achievement and fostering a sense of community among users. Additionally, the data collected from user progress allows for personalized learning experiences, making Mondly a comprehensive and engaging language learning app.

Mondly gamification

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