In-App Engagement Campaigns to Drive Revenue during IPL 2024

With IPL 2024 around the corner, product and marketing teams at B2C app companies are on the lookout for in-app campaigns to drive business growth. Learn how.

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In app engagement campaigns for IPL 2024 by Plotline
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What you can expect to learn

Tooltip with image to drive feature adoption
Who can benefit from this

Product and marketing teams responsible for driving revenue for the app

Guided tours for activation
Why use in-app campaigns

Why in-app campaigns are an untapped opportunity to drive revenue during IPL

Insights and feedback with in-app surveys
Best practices to drive growth

Which scenarios require you to craft in-app experiences, which types of UI modules would be best used, and more

Build in-app experiences to drive growth

Create product tours, onboarding guides, new feature announcements and more to engage your users in-app

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