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Khatabook drives 120% uplift in feature adoption; runs sales offers which get ~20% CTRs

LazyPay uses Plotline to reduce dropoffs in the loan journey


uplift for the Bulk Reminder monetization feature


Khatabook faced challenges launching new features and driving adoption with their user base


The growth team at Khatabook has launched 20+ in-app messages to drive adoption and thereby monetization per user


Users who saw the in-app message had 120% higher CTRs on features compared to the control cohort

Khatabook is India's leading business management app for MSMEs. It enables micro, small and medium merchants to track business transactions safely and securely. Khatabook has managed to raise over $100M in funding and has 50M+ downloads on the app store.

Due to the nature of its audience, it's extremely important for Khatabook to communicate the benefits of new features in a manner that owners of these small businesses can understand. Driving adoption becomes even more critical when features are directly responsible for driving higher revenue, as in the case of "Bulk reminders".

Switching from another vendor to Plotline

Khatabook was using another SaaS tool to deliver in-app messages for more than a year, and they were facing significant challenges.

  • Performance: There was significant delay in when an event was triggered on the app’s frontend and when the nudge would be shown. By that time, the user had sometimes already exited the app, or they were on another page and the nudge felt intrusive
  • Deliverability: From over 100k+ eligible users who should’ve seen the nudge, the tool would only show it to ~10k users. They could clearly see the difference when comparing the size of eligible cohorts on other analytical tools

How Khatabook uses Plotline

Over the last 3 months, Khatabook has launched multiple in-app campaigns using Plotline, with the aim of introducing features that are responsible for monetization and engagement. They've also run a number of campaigns around festive deals, sales and promotions.

Campaign 1: Driving adoption of "Bulk reminders" with a Spotlight

Bulk Reminders helps MSMEs remind their contacts about any pending payments. To send a bulk reminder, a business owner needs to purchase coins. This drives revenue for Khatabook.

Khatabook used Plotline’s spotlight feature to introduce this feature:

  • Audience: Users who’ve made payments via Khatabook and collected free coins over time
  • Rollout: 20% of eligible users for the spotlight would see it (target cohort). Rest 80% would not (control cohort).

Khatabook saw a 120% increase in users trying out the Bulk Reminders action if they saw the Spotlight.

Khatabook uses Spotlight feature of Plotline to drive Bulk reminder adoption

“Plotline has been extremely useful for configuring tooltips, modals, bottom sheets and more. Being able to launch new in-app messages without app releases is a major growth driver.”

Damini from Khatabook on Plotline
Damini Mishra
Lead Product Manager, Khatabook


uplift for the Bulk Reminder monetization feature


CTR on floaters and bottom sheets

Khatabook floater with Plotline

Campaign 2: Running "Sale" campaigns with Floaters

Floaters are a novel way of engagement. Most users are intrigued by the design and decide to engage with it. This reflects in CTRs that floaters typically get.

Khatabook regularly runs sales campaigns using Plotline.

This campaign was rolled out to over 20k users, getting a CTR of almost ~20%.

Campaign 3: Running festive offers to boost sales with a Bottom Sheet

Akshaya Tritiya is an annual Jain and Hindu spring festival.

As soon as users clicked on the “coins” button, a bottomsheet matching Khatabook’s design theme would be displayed to the user with a single CTA to get rewarded with free coins on completing a coin recharge.

The campaign was rolled out to 100% of the eligible audience, gained 36k unique impressions and a CTR of ~22%.

Khatabook bottomsheet with Plotline

Plotline helps growth and marketing teams boost activation and retention metrics

We help you build and publish in-app messaging flows sans coding, saving your developers time that can be better spent on other aspects of the product. Growth and marketing teams can use Plotline to create tooltips, coachmarks, bottomsheets, modals, spotlights and more that can be targeted to different user segments and shown in real-time.

The best consumer tech companies today like ShareChat, Meesho, Khatabook, Jar and LazyPay all use Plotline to improve activation, retention and in-app conversion metrics.

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to reach out, and we can set up your free trial for you.

Run dynamic app experiences with Plotline

Join companies like Step, Upstox, Dream 11, Meesho, Stashaway and others that use Plotline to boost their onboarding and adoption metrics.