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Feature adoption

INDmoney uses bottom tabs for their learning module

Bottom tabs are easily accessible, increase awareness and give the user a shortcut to get started with the learning module

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The INDmoney app is best known for allowing easy investments in US stocks, and now even Indian stocks. But a large number of its users might not be confident in their ability to pick the right stocks. How do you get these users to start investing?

INDmoney launched a “learning module”, a free, simple & gamified way to learn the concepts of money and investing. They used bottom tabs to get users started on their learning journey. These tabs are easily accessible to all users, and take them directly to the learning page without being intrusive.

Why this works

The learning module has multiple advantages:

  1. Users feel confident investing their money and increase their investments (even users who haven’t yet invested can take these lessons and start)
  2. Lessons on stock analysis will have higher frequency than checking investment performance and can get users back as frequently as everyday
  3. Higher frequency of engagement gives the app more opportunities to get the user introduced to other offerings (like insurance, goal setting, etc)

It's a two-punch combo of getting users comfortable with their core offering and building opportunities for future upsells.

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