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Feature launch

MobiKwik introduces Xtra with a PiP video

Picture-in-picture videos are a great way to highlight a new feature.

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MobiKwik has launched Xtra, a super flexible investment feature designed to cater to the needs of young investors.

To highlight this new offering, the MobiKwik app showcases an engaging Picture-in-Picture (PiP) video in the background, encouraging users to explore and start investing with the Xtra feature.

The PiP video remains non-intrusive, allowing users to interact with the app while the video continues to play.

Why this works

The PiP video appears on one side of the screen. It works because:

  1. Non-Intrusive Experience: The PiP video format ensures that users can freely navigate and utilize the app without any disruption. They can move, expand, or dismiss the video as they please, maintaining a seamless and non-intrusive user experience.
  2. Engaging Medium: Video is an inherently captivating medium of communication, and when executed effectively, it can effectively convey the benefits of the feature. The engaging PiP video draws users' attention, piquing their interest in exploring the new offering.
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